Available soon on iPhone & iPad
Award-winning* full-fledged 2d platformer designed specially for touchscreen devices.
BEST INDIE GAME @Reboot InfoGamer 2016 Zagreb
(It’s only one award, but hey, we've gotten an award on every show we've attended!')
No auto-run
No virtual joysticks
No dumbed-down experience
Designed for touchscreens
Precise and responsive controls done in a new and unique way. Intuitive and easy to learn, hard to master... you know the drill.
Replay system
Watch top 10 plays on each level. If you think they're faster because they're cheating - well, see it for yourself. Git gud.
Dress to semi-impress
Squatting Rabbits in tracksuits, Disco Unicorn, Ninj0r and Little Red Rabbit Hood just to name a few. Be yourself and be proud of it!
Parkour with style
Move in any direction, as fast as you want. You are the master of your body. Everything else is copyrighted.

But that's not all! If you buy the game right now you will get even more advanced tehniques such as strafe jumping, wall sliding, ninja ropes and much more!

Well, you'll get it anyway, but just think of the possibilities!
39.99 hand crafted levels
Unique, diverse and distinct levels. We know many different various synonyms! You will cry. With joy. And happiness!
... and much much more.
Embark on an adventure about
betrayal, hard love, speed
and fun facts.
We even have candies!
They're bad for you.
Avoid at all cost.
Available soon on
iPhone & iPad
Kung Fu in Space
Also known as:
“How to hold your phone while playing Space Rabbits in Space”
About Ventilator Shark
Ventilator shark is a small independent game studio based in Zagreb, Croatia, non-flat Earth, Milky Way, Parallel universe #A-13.

Our goal is to create innovative, fun and high quality games that all intelligent life forms can play, even ourselves. The kind of games that will blow even the aliens' socks off, regardless of appendages or operating systems.
Set up an alarm clock!
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Or send us a letter at info@ventilatorshark.com.