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Based in Zagreb, Croatia

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Space Rabbits in Space is an award-winning full-fledged 2d platformer designed specifically for touchscreen devices (iOS/Android). No autorun and no virtual joysticks. Simple and responsive controls.

It’s an adventure about betrayal, hard love and fun facts. Don Padroncini, the infamous candy smuggler, has been sighted again. This time he is smuggling lumberjack equipment and defective gumball machines to the Copyrighted universe™. The Intergalactic Authority on Everything sent Space Rabbits to stop him, but they fell into his trap. Or did they?


Like so many great games, it all began on the 48h Global Game Jam® 2016.

We didn’t want to overcomplicate things, so we made a simple 2d platformer with blind rabbits whose only goal was to get to the carrot on the top of the level.

The level was mirrored. But it wasn’t. The other half was empty. But it wasn’t. You would play on your half and a randomly picked opponent was/is/would be playing on the other… It was like a timeshifting, matrix-like, shuriken throwing game of dodgeball. When you reached the carrot, the time rift would collapse, and in a spectacular TV replay system you would see who killed whom, who REALLY reached the carrot and in the end - who actually won (if anyone).

Speaking about time, we invested 5 hours into perfecting The Wooosh, the awe-inspiring sound of a slow moving shuriken. That shuriken moved slowly, but real time didn’t and the deadline hit us hard. So we kinda forgot about the other unimportant, but required, screens such as “how to play”, “restart”, “screen transition between actual play and watching replays” and minor stuff like that.

In the end, we were not satisfied with The Woosh, but we won the third place and a gigantic paper check (which we completely forgot to cash in).

We entered the Game Jam for fun, but left with a revelation (and back pain) that we could actually make games. So we decided to get serious, take all what was good from this prototype (well… blind rabbits mostly) and make a proper game out of it.


  • DESIGNED FOR TOUCHSCREENS - precise and responsive controls done in a new and unique way. Intuitive and easy to learn, hard to master... you know the drill.
  • PARKOUR WITH STYLE - move in any direction, as fast as you want. Advanced techniques such as strafe jumping, wall sliding, ninja ropes included.
  • 4 LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY - compete against the environment, friends, country or the whole universe.
  • REPLAY SYSTEM - watch top 10 plays on each level. If you think they're faster because they're cheating - well, see it for yourself. Git gud.
  • 40 HAND CRAFTED LEVELS - unique, diverse and distinct levels. We know many different various synonyms! You will cry. With joy. And happiness!
  • DRESS TO SEMI-IMPRESS - squatting Rabbits in tracksuits, Disco Unicorn, Ninj0r and Little Red Rabbit Hood just to name a few. Be yourself and be proud of it!


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Original soundtrack
From more awesome music work go to www.malatestinic.com.

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About Ventilator Shark

Ventilator shark is a small independent game studio based in Zagreb, Croatia, non-flat Earth, Milky Way, Parallel universe #A-13. Our goal is to create innovative, fun and high quality games that all intelligent life forms can play, even ourselves. The kind of games that will blow even the aliens' socks off, regardless of appendages or operating systems.

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Space Rabbits in Space Credits

Marko Kršul
Game & graphic designer

Mirko Fabris
Lead developer

Gabrijel Mrgan
Chief Technical Officer

Sabina Rešić

Matija Malatestinić
Original music composer

Casa del padrone

Dog/Security Officer

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